Ecclesiastical court judgments – December and January

Review of the ecclesiastical court judgments during January 2018, & additional judgments from 2017

Following our recent post which reviewed some of the ecclesiastical court judgments published in December, ten further judgments for 2017 are now available in addition to three from 2018. Continue reading

Recent queries and comments – mid-January 2018

More answers to readers’ queries and comments

Below is a further compilation of “Quick Answers” to questions which have arisen to date during January, with links to our blog posts addressing these issues. Also included are responses to queries raised on other sites. Continue reading

Ecclesiastical court judgments – December

Review of the ecclesiastical court judgments during December 2017

Attached are summaries to consistory court judgments published in December. Additional judgments for December will be posted with those for January 2018.  Continue reading

Recent queries and comments – 9th December

A further compilation of “Quick Answers” and links

This is the twelfth post in which we have sought to provide “quick answers” to comments and queries that had been raised through the search function on L&RUK. Since its first appearance in our weekly round-up on 13th August this year, there has been a total of 160 responses to questions we considered to be within our remit (and to some which have not).

For issues which arise on a fairly regular basis, we have provided links to sources of frequently sought data, in addition to a selection of relevant pages on the CofE new website. The minutiae of the 1983 Code of Canons are not our specialist subject, and the blogs of Fr Z and Cathy Caridi have provided some Q&A of interest in this area. Dr Ed Peters’ blog In the Light of the Law gives more a detailed consideration of current issues, though not in a Q&A format.

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Ecclesiastical court judgments – October and November

Review of recent ecclesiastical court judgments

Ecclesiastical court judgments in October and November have addressed the areas listed below, in which issues relating to exhumation have featured strongly.  Re Welton Road Cemetery Daventry attracted interest in the media and local  radio, and likewise, the CDM hearing of a further complaint against the Revd David George Huntley. Separate post have been published on both cases.

Prior to the publication of this post, agreement was reached between the parties in Re St. Botolph Longthorpe, the first hearing and Arches Court order of 6 October 2017 of which are summarized here. The Victorian Society has published a Press Release on the proceedings, and we will post a longer review at a later date. Likewise, a future post will summarize the lessons to be learned by PCCs from Re St Bartholomew Old Whittington. Continue reading