Law and religion round-up – 11th February

A week in which General Synod welcomed plans for mutual recognition of ministries with the Methodist Church – and the Masons got their aprons in a twist…

Anglicans and Methodists

The Church of England General Synod has voted in favour of a motion welcoming the joint report, Mission and Ministry in Covenant, co-written by the two Churches’ faith and order bodies and published last year, which sets out proposals for intercommunion and the interchange of presbyteral ministries. Continue reading

Canterbury Cathedral: Freemasons Service

On 18 February 2017, Canterbury Cathedral held a service to celebrate the tercentenary of the formation of English Freemasonry. The compatibility of Freemasonry with Christianity is a source of continuing debate, and the private nature of this “all-ticket” event prompted media speculation and comment on its content. This post examines some of the concerns that were raised, a number of which suggested a need for the Church of England to revisit its relationship with Freemasonry, last considered by General Synod in 1987. Continue reading