Deliberate breach of faculty conditions

A diocesan chancellor’s observations

In 2014 we posted “Ignorance of the Faculty Jurisdiction Rules is no excuse…”,  and expanding on this theme, “Risks of disregarding the faculty jurisdiction” in June 2016. The recent case Re St Peter & St Paul Pettistree [2017] ECC SEI 6 concerned a “deliberate and avoidable” breach of the terms of the faculty by a professional on the list of DAC-approved architects.

At the conclusion of the judgment, Continue reading

Archdeacons’ Forum – CofE web pages

A welcome return of this useful resource to the CofE web site

In the December issue of Archdeacons’ News, Bulletin No 30, Norman Boakes, the Archdeacons’ National Executive Officer, comments “Quite a number of archdeacons have been asking me what has happened to our page and resources on the Church of England website”. This is a question we have been pondering as the site is also a useful resource for those of us who are not archdeacons. At last the Archdeacons’  Forum pages have been restored  Continue reading