Church gets tough on executives’ pay…

…gender diversity and climate change

On 7 February 2017, the Church Investors Group (CIG) announced that it would take a harder line on AGM voting policy in three key areas where progress is deemed to have been too slow: executive pay, gender diversity and climate change. The Press Release and the full voting policy of the CIG  are reproduced below.  Continue reading

See of Sheffield independent review: Bishops’ response

On 6 February 2018, the House of Bishops issued its response to Sir Philip Mawer’s independent review into the nomination to the See of Sheffield. In contrast to its recent response to the Carlile Report, the House of Bishops whole-heartedly accepted all of the recommendations.

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A Fear of Sharia: why the Independent Report is a wasted opportunity

In a guest post, Russell Sandberg, Head of Law and Reader in the School of Law and Politics at Cardiff, is fairly unimpressed with the report of the Independent Review into the Application of Sharia Law in England and Wales


Today, 7 February 2018, is ten years to the day since Rowan Williams gave his lecture that illustrated the fear and heat surrounding the issue of sharia and how little we know about the operation of sharia law in the UK. Academic work in the last decade and some earlier work have meant that we now know a great deal about some sharia councils operate (or at least the representations they give to researchers). And there has been a great deal of literature by lawyers, political scientists, theologians and others into the range of issues that such institutions raise.

In particular, a literature has developed on the ‘minorities within minorities’ issue: the need to protect the rights of those within the communities, especially to ensure that there is no discrimination on grounds of gender.

Yet there is still much that we do not know. Continue reading