Ecclesiastical court judgments 2016

Index to ecclesiastical court judgments reviewed during 2016, and links to reviews in 2014 and 2015

The judgments reviewed in L&RUK during 2016 have been grouped under the following headings. Continue reading

Ecclesiastical court judgments – December

In addition to this final round-up of consistory court and other judgments for 2016, we have published an index to all the cases report which includes links to more general posts associated with these judgments. Continue reading

The Ecclesiastical Law Society’s Christmas Quiz: an attempt at the answers

The Ecclesiastical Law Society posted a Christmas Quiz [scroll down] some time before we did. Frank had a go at it…

The parish has brought a beautiful Christmas tree but discovers when putting it up in church that it is somewhat top-heavy; a hammer, nails and rope are to hand – what should they do? Use the rope to strangle the idiot who bought the tree. Continue reading

Law and religion round-up – 25th December

Evidently a week for clearing desks – including ours…

Charity and the advancement of religion

On Monday the Charity Commission for England & Wales published its decision to reject an application from The Temple of the Jedi Order to register as a charitable incorporated organisation with purposes including “to advance the religion of Jediism, for the public benefit worldwide, in accordance with the Jedi Doctrine”: we noted it here and Russell Sandberg analysed the decision in depth here. Continue reading

Issues of equality in the consistory courts

Installation of pre-fabricated timber frame building raises equality issue of temporary vs permanent disabled access

The Vicar and Churchwardens of St Christopher’s Church, Walworth, sought permission for the installation of a pre-fabricated timber frame building into the community garden at the church, Re St Christopher Walworth [2016] ECC Swk 14. The contentious issue within this petition was the non-permanent nature of the proposed access for wheelchair users. Unanimous approval of the project had been given by the PCC, and the necessary planning permission had been granted. However, although approval was given by the DAC, its Notification of Advice recommending the works included two provisos: an unproblematic one stating that the work should be completed to the satisfaction of the Church’s Inspecting Architect; and a second that [13]: Continue reading